The Lego Tripod Mount

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Here are the build instructions for the Lego Tripod Mount that accompanies the Lego camera.  Please keep in mind that unless you’re willing to bond the tripod mount to the Lego camera (and glue together all the Lego pieces that make up the camera), the camera can still be knocked off the tripod with any decent amount of force.  With that said, this tripod mount is very handy for keeping the camera steady for making videos like the one below.

First, you’ll need to get a couple 4×2 Lego pieces like the ones shown below.

Basically, we need to get the 1/4″ nut to be secured on these two pieces which will be placed side-by-side.

Use a Sharpie to mark where the pieces must be cut away.  Before you begin to mark the pieces, I recommend using some additional Lego pieces to keep these 2 together – that way, they won’t keep moving as you try to mark your lines.

Next, take a hacksaw blade and start to cut away the side of the Lego block that will accept the 1/4″ nut.  Note, in the photo below, I used the two extra Lego pieces to secure the green Lego piece while I used the saw.

I had to use a utility knife and a small, sharp chisel to remove everything cleanly.  Be careful to remove just a little bit at a time – you don’t want to cut away too much or your hole will be too large and the glue will not hold the nut as securely.  As you cut pieces away, assemble the pieces together using the extra Lego blocks and test the fit of the nut to make sure that it is flush with the bottom surface of the two main Lego pieces.

When everything looks good, sand the sides of the two main Lego pieces that will be touching each other.  Mix up some 5-minute epoxy, glue the adjoining faces of the Lego pieces, then glue the nut in the hole taking care not to get glue on the threads of the nut.  Use the two extra Lego pieces to keep the two main pieces together which the epoxy sets.

Once the epoxy sets, add one 4×4 flat piece to the top of the two glued pieces to add some extra strength.

Here is what my tripod mount looked like on the tripod.

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    Great addition :-)

    Something to try this summer :-)

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