That’s What I Get

Well, I goofed up.  I was doing a bunch of things at once and one of those things was updating my website.  Then I noticed how old my version of WordPress was.  I was on like a 2.x version and the current version is 4.0 so I was like, “Hey, maybe I should upgrade…”

Of course, I didn’t back up my old WordPress so when the automatic upgrade process failed, I was hosed and my website seems completely toasted.  That’s what I get for not taking the necessary precautions.

But I’m going to look at this more as an opportunity to improve the site than a complete web management disaster.  So rather than spend hours trying to get the old thing back up, I am going to cut bait and start fresh.  Plus, my site was looking a bit outdated and I’m sure that the current version of WordPress has a bunch of new features that will make the website a whole lot better going forward so I’m gonna start from scratch.

I’ll start adding more stuff soon and start looking for a theme that is a good starting point for some cool design work.  For now, it’s the default installed theme.  Stay tuned for upcoming changes!

As time allows, I will start reconstructing some of my posts from my old blog.


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